Modern caravans (touring and static caravans), motorhomes and lodges are all built to high quality standards, and are fitted out with domestic quality gas appliances. All gas appliances must be installed in accordance with current gas safety requirements to comply with the law and to ensure minimal risk to you and your family. Annual gas safety inspections are increasingly becoming a requirement for insurance of your motorhome.

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We can provide regular servicing of your gas appliances to ensure they are working safely and effectively. A service will typically include:

  • A check for gas leaks and condition of pipework and hoses

  • Ventilation check (air inlets are clear and adequate)Flue check (smoke spillage test)

  • Checking safety devices are work correctly

  • Appliances are safe to use


SMART stands for “Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology”, but what exactly is it that makes a ‘smart’ thermostat smart?

Well, while a standard run-of-the-mill boiler thermostat offers some basic functions like switching the heating on and off, timer settings and some rudimentary temperature controls, a SMART thermostat lets you manage every minute of your home’s heating schedule from the palm of your hand, through a tablet or smartphone.